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Summer’s Comin’!

The pool splashing is unrelenting. “Nicholas!” I reprimand. “This law shall stand as harshly as the seatbelt law. These are the summer pool rules. Rule Number One is, no splashing extreme water quantities out of the pool. Rule Number Two is, no jumping on people who are in the pool. Rule Number Three is, no […]

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Dinosaur World (Two Trips)!


There is giant T-Rex that stands alongside Interstate-4 between Tampa and Orlando. Appearing as if he has just emerged from the small forest beyond, he beckons to Nicholas with each journey back and forth between the two cities. As early as Nicholas could say “dinosaur,” we have taunted him with, “Don’t look now, but that […]

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Kids, Dogs, and Random Things

Nicholas carries his potted cactus outside for playtime on the swing set. He thinks the gray moth is as beautiful as a butterfly, and argues that weeds are flowers too. “I love ALL living things, Mommy,” he tells me. He’s such a little spark of sunshine! I had to bribe him with sugar to get […]

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How does our garden grow?With much tender, loving care.Cilantro and chocolate mint spread rapidly.  This keeps our pigs fed and a nice smell in our kitchen.Our purple basil went from this……to this. We are not completely sure how to harvest it.Our zinnias went from this……to this……and (wow!) this. If you’ve never experienced the joy of […]

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making friends (and a few enemies) at the beach

A handful of Cheetos is all one needs to turn a single friend into an instant crowd at the beach. Note: Do not expect your non-winged friends to be amused.

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