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On This Memorial Day…Thank You

Barbecues. A parade filled with patriotic colors. A day at the beach. Cookies or cupcakes with stars on top. This is what Memorial Day looks like to so many. On the outside, this is what Memorial Day looks like on me. On the inside, however, I am truly in awe. I could not personally identify […]

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Photo Story Friday – Be Happy…

…Your Glass is Half Full We call this Nicholas’s “Be Happy!” face. When he senses (or knows darn-well) that someone is angry or sad, he puts on this cheesy grin and (as more of a retort than a reminder) he makes his command—“Be Happy!” When he first started doing this, I found it trying. “I […]

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Week 21 – I Heart Faces "Yellow"

I’ve been preparing my “yellow” photo for weeks. Other than selecting which photo, of so many photos, that I loved best, I was completely ready to post. Then, out of the blue we received a letter–“I am pleased to announce that your student has been selected to receive recognition during our annual Awards Ceremony…” Yes, […]

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Ocean Treasures

We finally made our appointment with the beach, and the treasures awaiting us made it worth the wait! “Handle with Care” Ticklish Traveler “Clammy” hands Smile for me! Show yourself Going Home – Take only pictures…leave only bubbles.

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What is Your Reason for Cloud-Dreaming?

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.” Heller. For those of you who don’t know, Heller means, “Brilliant, like the sun!” Yes, my darling little boy, my sunshine, my Heller, was brilliant–just like the sun. “The other night dear, while I lay sleeping, I dreamed I held […]

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