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Right in my Back Yard

In search of a little inspiration today, I ventured right outside my door. I love my yard. It was the reason we purchased our home. It’s vast and lovely and filled with gorgeous palms of every kind…and vast and overwhelming and filled with dogs and pot holes (thanks to the dogs) and toys and… Anyway, […]

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The Color of Music

The walls of his room–“They have to be red, Mom.” Heller told me. Red—Heller’s favorite color. Courageous and bold. Remarkable, confident, and full of life. I miss those bright red walls. The colors now are quiet, soft, and muted. The colors now are safe. The stenciling over his closet speaks to my heart, “Faith is […]

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I Heart Faces – PURPLE

This week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge (PURPLE), comes with a short story and lesson in color complements. Here, Nicholas is wearing his Baltimore Ravens T-shirt. As you can see, the team color is purple. Since the complementary color pairing for purple is commonly determined to be yellow, I usually pair this shirt with Nicholas’s […]

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The Plan

You and me against the world… Sometimes it seems like, you and me against the world… …but, listen up my young cousin, I have a plan. I’m really excited about this one. All YOU have to do is stick to the plan. Now, smile pretty for my mommy. Whatever you do, don’t let on that […]

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Who Loves Ya, Babe?

So, I seem to have a thing for flamingos.

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F a c e b o o k
B e c a u s e   o f   H e l l e r