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Keepin’ Up!

One year old and on the move. It was almost impossible to keep up with this kid! But, Aunt Hayley is determined. I don’t get enough time with this little guy, so we need to make every minute count! You again? Never give up!On the move.Time to give up the camera, or put it away.

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Choosing Sunshine!

Fever of 101. Sinus infection. Double ear infection. As we arrive home after a visit with the doctor, Nicholas has two choices–cozy up on the couch, or head outside and Capture Sunshine! “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the LORD. ~Jeremiah 30:17

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Look What Mommy Made!

…and thanks to a fresh dumping of chlorine on the YMCA deck, Nicholas managed to bleach the bottom only moments after using it for the first time. ;( Oh well. More to come. It was easy and fun!

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I Heart Faces – Motherhood

I always swore I wouldn’t encourage this shot when capturing moms-to-be. It seemed so unnatural. I equated it to telling a child to “Say Cheese,” while trying to capture a genuine expression. Can we say Cheese Face!? But someone–I’m not naming names, but you know who you are–yelled, “Make a heart on her belly with […]

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Haven’t Forgotten About You…

Just Busy as a… Exciting things to come.

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