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I Heart Faces – Whimsical

She knew it would not be long before her brother noticed his tube was missing, but the afternoon sun was insufferably hot, and the water seemed to summon her… Check out other I Heart Faces “Whimsical” photos this week here.

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An Unexpected Kindness

In all his perfection, he traveled from across the globe, and completed his expedition upon my doorstep on this otherwise dreary afternoon. I am unable to discern whether it was he that made my heart sing, in all his glorious reds and hippo-ness. or Was it her, the friend whom I have never met face-to-face, […]

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His Heart

“How far away is my heart, Mommy?” Nicholas asks me. “Your heart is inside your body, baby. It isn’t far.” “Yes, it is far. It’s very very far away. That’s why Heller is far away.” “Heller is far away, to you, because you can’t see him. You can’t see him because he is in Heaven. […]

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I Heart Faces – Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

These boys are fierce! They’re the roughest, toughest soccer team around! So, when it came time to choosing a team name, these fearsome four-year-olds didn’t mess around. Their motto—“Mess with us, and you won’t forget it!” This may be “Bitty Sports,” but there’s nothing bitty about the Orange ELEPHANTS! Yeah…we don’t get it either. Let’s […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

There is nothing on this earth that would please my son more than hanging out with his Daddy. May today find you happy with someone you love, doing what you love to do! Happy Father’s Day!

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